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Independence Referendum – Scottish Council activity

The Scottish Independence Referendum will take place in September 2014. One of the outcomes from this year’s Scottish Council/ Scottish Reps Planning Day, held in Perth on 28 May, was an agreement that Scottish Council and Scottish Reps should lead and widen discussion about the referendum amongst members so that issues of particular relevance to the radiography profession in Scotland may be identified and debated.

A number of specific actions were agreed by Scottish Council and the Scottish Reps Forum. They are to:

• work with UK Council to develop a policy with firm recommendations regarding membership and structure of the organisation depending on the outcome of the referendum

• be a source of reference for membership and to collate information from UK Council.

• set up a working group to agree timescales for activity, examine SoR constitution, plan communication and engagement with members and  develop strategy

• include the referendum as a standing item on agendas for Scottish Council, Scottish Reps Forum meetings

• post briefing sheets plus reports/minutes of the working group on a dedicated page on the Scottish section of the SoR website and circulate to Reps.

• use social networking sites to communicate with members and actively encourage feedback.

• discuss/report back at AGM in October 2013 and in article(s) in Synergy News.

Membership of the Referendum Working Group

Evelyn Neilson, Chair Scottish Council
Fiona Ferguson. IR Rep, Scottish Council
Holly Buchanan, Scottish Reps Forum
Jennifer Matrindola, Scottish Reps Forum
Alison Milne, Scottish member, UK Council
Elizabeth Stow, National Office Scotland

Forthcoming meetings

The SoR’s Scottish Council organised a meeting to provide members with more information about the Scottish Referendum for 18 March. At the closing time of 11am on Wednesday 12 March, the number of registrants for the Hustings meeting was so low (13) that the event was deemed unviable. The meeting was cancelled.

Click here to download a flyer.

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